For those who are looking for a distributor in the Nordic region
We know the Nordic market, and this gives us the best conditions for launching specialist medicines for healthcare. FrostPharma is looking for suppliers who want to create long-term collaborations with us. We are specifically looking for medicines that are designed for small and specialised patient groups, where there is currently no suitable alternative.

Although FrostPharma is a relatively new company, the employees have extensive and wide knowledge of pharmaceuticals, and understand the importance of long-term partnerships with both suppliers and customers. Based on mutual respect, loyalty and profitability, we create the best solutions for our joint partners.

From our warehouse in Sweden, we manage distribution to the entire Nordic region. We are experts in handling all types of products, including those that require unbroken refrigeration chains, narcotics and medical devices.

We offer the highest level of expertise in:                     
• Sales and marketing
• Pricing and tender procedures
• National patient insurances
• Supply chains, including warehousing and distribution
• Market research and analysis
• Oversight issues
• Pharmacovigilance
• Product registration

Contact person for partnerships:
Henrik Alfredsson
Head of Business Development
Tel: +46 73 337 02 00

Henrik Alfredsson